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Captivate & Sustain

An inspired and passionate creative company that takes flight on design,
technology, and network to make your company
soar, captivate, and hit targets.

We empathize with you in sustaining
your needs and the people receiving your value.


  • 2010


    creative services

    website development

  • 2011


    e-newsletter services

  • 2012


    expand to international market

  • 2013


    seo, social media & online ads services

  • 2013


    IOS/Android development

    product development


  • Design Venture

  • Development

  • Maintenance & Updates

  • Online Marketing

  • Email Newsletter

  • Social Media


  • ClicAmp


  • Libelle Task Tracker (LTT)


Libelle Cares

As an active citizen of the online world, we believe in doing what we can to assist others by extending our resources and giving back to our community and to our environment.

We employ a green website hosting solution that runs in 100% wind energy. We highly encourage our clients to follow the same green standards and social responsibility awareness.

It is with that that we choose to align and involve ourselves in organizations and groups that we can help through our teamwork, project assistance, involvement and web related efforts.


Send us your inquiries/feedback using the contact form provided & get a quick response.

+632 555 0972

Other touch points

2nd Floor Le Rose Building
832 Arnaiz Ave cor Edades St. Makati City, Philippines